Court Order, Filing and Articles Dec. 2022

New Materials on Legal Case

Below are new court documents and articles on our case. Judge’s Order – Doc 190 Order on Motion to Compel Amended Complaint – Doc. 191 – Plaintiff’s Supplemental Pleading – FILED 12.7.22 Published Articles on 12.9.22 “McRaney trial finally gets a date, and NAMB is compelled to expand the scope of its documentation” – Baptist […]

Select Recent Court Filings in Northern Mississippi District Court

October 31, 2022 filings – Motion to Compel NAMB to Provide Discovery & related documents Doc. 155 – Memo in Support of  Motion to Compel NAMB Doc. 154 – Motion to Compel NAMB Production Doc 153 NAMB petitions the court to add attorney   October 26, 2022 filings – Amended Complaint and related documents  Doc. […]

SHINE THE LIGHT: Vote for forensic audits & investigations re NAMB

Light is good for Giver, Entity and Every Leader who Operates Righteously

SHINE THE LIGHT, VOTE for motions seeking to bring light into NAMB and SBC entities with forensic and investigative audits.  This is good for the sacrificial givers to Cooperative Program (CP) and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO).  This is good for the entity, organization that is seeking to do right and steward well.  AND, it […]

Sometimes is it ILLEGAL and/or it impacts Eternity

Ezell/Ebert’s Cowardly Threat AND Media Speaks, but NAMB Trustees Silent on Perjurious Claims in Federal Courts

Letter to NAMB Trustees on November 7, 2019: Willy Rice & Grant Gaines What Now?

In 2019, the NAMB Trustees, including SBC 2022 Presidential Nominee Willy Rice along with Pastor Grant Gaines of Tennessee, received the following letter below regarding the actions of NAMB President Kevin Ezell and his NAMB PR Director Mike Ebert.  Also in 2019, 150 Baptist journalists of the Baptist Communicator Association were informed of the threat Ebert made against Hannigan.  Interestingly, […]

One Church’s Response to DEAFENING SILENCE on SBC Lawlessness, Corruption and Abuse

Will SBC Exec Committee, State Execs and SBC Influencers Act Righteously?

One church’s response to SBC lawlessness and subsequent silence by the SBC EC and other leaders.   Topics Addressed:  Many and Unthinkable – corruption, self-dealing, abuse of power, damage to fellow servants, failed strategy, dismantling of SBC mission ecosystem, deception to federal courts up to SCOTUS, violations of rules, SBC policies, governing docs and laws, properties, alcohol, […]

SCOTUS Lawsuit Details NAMB Abuse

from: SBC News June 2021

After I won two decisions in the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, what a few national Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leaders said would never happen, has happened. Actions by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) have taken the future of the SBC inside the halls of the U.S. Supreme Court, and the court’s decision […]

UPDATE from SCOTUS / NAMB tells SBC Messengers to Kiss Off Re SBC Rules on Salary Structure

Open Letter to SBC Executive Committee

SBC Executive Committee Members, Let me get right to 3 points… 1.  NAMB and Ezell have gone rogue and unchecked on your watch.  Everyone loses, givers will pull back and God is offended.  In the SBC in Nashville Ezell and Chairman Thomas were able to basically tell SBC Messenger Joey Hufstedler in person, we don’t […]

NAMB Places All SBC Partners at Risk in Petition to US Supreme Court

OPEN LETTER to SBC Executive Committee: What will the SBC EC do?

Open Letter to the SBC Exec. Committee What many SBC leaders said would never happen, is now inside the halls of the US Supreme Court and yet the NAMB Trustees have not demanded public answers from Ezell.  The SBC via an entity is now inside the SCOTUS after two defeats in the 5th Circuit Court […]

Greear & Other Trustees Disqualified Themselves: Replaced by SBC Exec Committee?

Open Letter to SBC Executive Committee and Ronnie Floyd

The SBC cooperative mission house is on fire.  You are on duty!   Will SBC follow its own governing documents?  Will you replace select Trustees who no longer meet SBC requirements for Trustees, including Greear, NAMB officers & Scroggins? Will SBC operate in the light & righteously or ignore rules? The SBC governing documents declare that […]