NAMB and ERLC said WHAT to federal courts?

NAMB's false filings threaten and attack the SBC, Baptists & 1st Amendment

Why did over 60 Bapt local, state & nat. leaders w/ SBC statesman & 20 year President/CEO Morris Chapman file an Amicus Brief in the NAMB case?

What are these leaders seeking to do?  What are they saying?

Are NAMB’s false statements in their filings a threat & attack on all Baptists and put at risk hundreds of millions in Baptist mission gifts?  Short article in Baptist News. 

Baptist historian and expert case witness Dr. Barry Hankins wrote(1)  “If NAMB’s interpretation of the First Amendment prevailed, every Baptist entity that cooperates in any way with the SBC would be put at risk.” Dr. Hankins also wrote, (2)It is my opinion as a scholar of Church-State relations in the US that NAMB’s First Amendment defense in this case, if accepted by courts, would actually undermine religious liberty rather than safeguard it.”

Appeal made to US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals – Link is to key court filings by NAMB, ERLC and McRaney along with a few short articles on the case.

It’s Not Just ERLC that made foolish and false statements to the Courts: Read NAMB’s own words

Read for yourself to discover what NAMB and ERLC wrote the courts and that will allow you to determine if they made statements that are false, intentionally deceptive, and put all Baptists for generations to come at risk.

Filed Quotes and Claims by NAMB and ERLC –  Read their own words

Select Summary Statements by NAMB and ERLC  –  Read several key statements, and then answer an obvious question around that NAMB or ERLC statement.

What will the SBC Executive Committee and NAMB Trustees do?  Neither group can claim they are blindsided.  The documents are public and both groups have fiduciary duties to all Baptist bodies, leaders and givers.

What will State Baptist Convention leaders, Associational leaders, and leaders of churches say and do?  Will they raise their voices and demand change at NAMB?

NAMB’s reply brief is due about November 30.  Will they intentionally deceive the courts again?  Will others file an amicus brief?  We will see.

One Baptist pastor stated that Baptist churches have been funding Goliath, and then asked, when will Baptist shift and begin funding David.  If you would like to consider financially supporting the defense of Baptist values and autonomy along with the First Amendment, you can contact me directly or give through this GoFundMe account for that purpose.


PS – On unrelated matter except as to veracity of NAMB President who was named in a fraud case in Sept. 2023.  One article on the case “Lawsuit Accuses NAMB President Kevin Ezell of Lying to Get Higher Price on Home“.