June 1 Court Filings and Related Articles

On June 1, 2023, multiple documents were filed in our case in federal district court.  Below are related articles stemming from those filings, as well as the actual filings with their exhibits and supporting evidence.

Related Articles:

Breaking: NAMB Saw False ERLC Brief Before It was Filed with 5th Circuit

Court Filings June 1, 2023

Doc 272 – McRaney Response to NAMB Motion for Summary Judgment

Doc 273 McRaney Response in Opposition to NAMB’s Motion for Summary Judgment

Doc 272-8 NAMB, ERLS, TMS Communications Privilege Log

Doc 274 Plaintiffs Objection to NAMB’s Undisputed Facts [263] from NAMB’s MOTION for Summary Judgment

Related Exhibits from McRaney Response to NAMB’s motion for Summary Judgment

Doc 272 List of Exhibits Oppose Summary Judgement

272-1 Affidavit Declaration of Scott Gant

272-2 H NAMB’s Carlos Ferrer Depo Excerpts

272-3 I NAMB’s Steve Davis Depo Excerpts

272-4 J NAMB Trustee Danny de Armas Depo Exerpts

272-5 K NAMB’s Kevin Ezell Depo Exerpts

272-6 L Former NAMB  Bill Barker Depo Exerpts

272-7 M Danny Wood Depo Exerpts

272-8 N NAMB 30(b)(6) Transcript Kevin Ezell

272-9 O NAMB’s Tom Wigginton Depo Exerpts

272-10 P Sandy McRaney Depo Exerpts

272-11 Q Rob Paul Depo Exerpts

272-12 R Clint Scott Delaration

272-13 S Steve Wolverton Declaration

272-14 T Rick Wheeler Declaration

272-15 U Joel Breidenbaugh Declaration

272-16 V Plaintiff Interrogatory Responses

272-17 W Plaintiff Third Set of RFPs

272-18 X Discovery Documents


McRaney Motion for Summary Judgment on NAMB’s Claim to be a “Supporting Organization”

Doc 266 McRaney Motion Partial Summary Judgment on NAMB’s claim of Supporting Organization

Doc 265 Exhibits by McRaney on motion Supporting Organization


265-1 Affidavit Declaration of Scott Gant

265-2 Exhibit A NAMB’s Response to 2nd Set Interrogatories

265-3 Exhibit B Excerpts NAMB Kevin Ezell 30(b)(6) Depo Transcript

265-4 Exhibit C Excerpts NAMB Carlos Ferrer Depo Transcript

265-5 Exhibit D Excerpts from NAMB Steve Davis Depo Transcript

265-6 Exhibit E Exhibits 30 & 31 from NAMB Mike Ebert Depos

265-7 Exhibit F Excerpts from BCMD Bill Warren Depo

265-8 Exhibit G Excerpts from de Armas Depo Transcript


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