NAMB Published Article from Art of Personal Evangelism
We met Lindsay at a mall in New Orleans. My students were completing an assignment to interview people concerning their religious beliefs. Lindsay is a friendly, articulate female in her early 20s, who was eager to share her views on spiritual matters. She has traveled extensively as a daughter of a military family. In our taped interview of Lindsay we discovered some of her beliefs. Read her words, hear her confusion.

Postmodernism: What is It and Who Believes It?
Something has changed, radically changed.  Postmodern thinking and processing life through postmodern filters have happened.  In this article you will get a quick overview that will give you new handles and terms to describe what you are already observing around you.

Postmodernism: Its Impact & Why Christians Should Care
In light of Postmodern’s impact, people are confused on what matters in life, especially spiritually.  In this article you will see the phases of construction, deconstruction and now reconstruction that Americans and the church has been undergoing.  If the church is to connect with confused people, it must understand them, and adjust our approaches to communicating with them.

Postmodernism: How Do We Respond
If the world has changed and people are changing at a remarkable pace, what should Christians do individually and as a church to meet the new challenges and thrive in the face of new opportunities.  Our future will depend upon which option we choose in responding.  In this article, you get new handles on how to respond.