Select Recent Court Filings in Northern Mississippi District Court

October 31, 2022 filings – Motion to Compel NAMB to Provide Discovery & related documents

Doc. 155 – Memo in Support of  Motion to Compel NAMB

Doc. 154 – Motion to Compel NAMB Production

Doc 153 NAMB petitions the court to add attorney


October 26, 2022 filings – Amended Complaint and related documents 

Doc. 148-1 – Amended Complaint against NAMB – actual 13 page amended complaint

Doc. 148-2 – Correspondence with Defendant’s Counsel and NAMB

Doc. 149 – Memo ISO Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint – Memo in support of McRaney’s request to amend complaint


Select recent court filings FYI…

NAMB’s filing for partial summary judgement – (see PACER electronic filing system)

Doc 86 McRaney response to NAMB’s request for partial summary judgement

Doc. 85-1 CPA Expert Report on Supporting Organization

Doc. 134 – Economist Expert Wage Damage Report

Doc. 133 – Religion Baptist History Expert Report

Doc. 136 – McRaney Response to NAMB Motion to Reconsider and Vacate

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