Court Filings and News Report Collection: McRaney vs. NAMB/Ezell

Court Filings and Various Articles Published on Our Legal Case

In Dec. 2019, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against NAMB’s request to NOT have oral arguments heard.  The judges granted our request to argue before a panel of 3 judges.  The publicly conducted and audio recorded court proceeding will take place Feb. 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM in New Orleans LA, unless NAMB Trustees reach a resolution in advance.

Catalog of Legal Filings and Articles on Our Case

Occasionally Sandy and I will be asked for information on various parts of our case, whether legal filings or published news articles.  To assist our interested family, friends, and interested parties, we provide these links to various articles and legal filings.

Select Filings in Northern District of Mississippi (Federal Court)

NAMB’s filing for partial summary judgement – (see PACER system)

Doc 86 McRaney response to NAMB’s request for partial summary judgement

Doc. 85-1 Expert CPA Report on Supporting Organization

Doc. 134 – Economist Expert Wage Damage Report

Doc. 133 – Religion and Baptist History Expert Report

Doc. 136 – McRaney Response to NAMB Motion to Reconsider and Vacate


Latest Filings before US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans:

McRaney’s Appellant’s Rebuttal Reply Brief Oct. 16, 2019

Wondering about the current issues before the courts, read his 1,776 word Brief.  The first and last sections reveal how NAMB’s insurance company attorneys representing them have made false claims before Federal Courts by claiming rights, authorities, and ecclesiastical privileges NAMB/Ezell is forbidden to have under SBC Constitution Article IV.  Each state Baptist Convention is fully autonomous, like all Baptist Associations and local churches.

US Supreme Court

NAMB Petition to SCOTUS vs McRaney – Feb. 17, 2021

McRaney Brief in Opposition to NAMB Petition SCOTUS – May 20, 2021

NAMB Final Response to Opposition Brief SCOTUS – May 28, 2021

ERLC Muslim Mormons brief SCOTUS 20-1158ac NAMB – March 18, 2021

** all SCOTUS filings can be found here –

US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

McRaney Appellant Brief Final 5h Circuit Court – July 29, 2019

NAMB Defendant’s Brief 5th Circuit – Sept. 11, 2019

Filed McRaneys Appellant’s Reply Brief McRaney re NAMB 5th Circuit – Oct. 16, 2019

McRaney NAMB Oral Audio Arguments Transcript – Feb. 6, 2020

5th Circuit Ruling Granting McRaney Appeal vs. NAMB – July 16, 2020

ERLC amicus brief for NAMB Ezell En Banc – Aug. 21, 2020

En Banc Ruling NAMB Ezell 5th Circuit – Nov. 25, 2020

ERLC Correction Amicus Brief 5th Circuit filing re NAMB – Dec. 14, 2020

US District Court Northern District of Mississippi

Doc 52 McRaney Response to Support Organization Release Dec 11, 2018

Doc 51 NAMB Memo 2 Support NAMB Claims Release by Supporting Organization

Doc 50 Order to Quash Subpoena work records BCMD

Doc 49 NAMB Memo 1 Support NAMB Claims Release by Supporting Organization

Doc 48 NAMB Motion for Summary Judgement Supporting Organization Release Nov 5, 2018

NAMB’s Defendant Brief Trial Court 9.11.19

McRaney’s Appellant Brief Trial Court 7.29.19

NAMB court filing Defense answers Trial Court 11.2.18

McRaney’s Complaint vs NAMB Ezell filed MS Circuit Court  4.7.17 

Capstone Report:

  1. Will Sex Abuse Lawsuits Destroy the Southern Baptist Convention  2019/11/06
  2. NAMB Legal Arguments Place Entire Southern-Baptist Convention at Risk  2019/10/28
  3. Explosive Lawsuit Alleges Abuse of Power Ezell NAMB  2017/04/12

Baptist News Global:

  1. Former State Exec says Arguments by NAMB Attorneys Increase SBCs Risk of Liability for Sexual Abuse
  2. Southern Baptist Polity on Trial in Lawsuit Appeal
  3. Reversing course, judge dismisses former state exec’s lawsuit against NAMB
  4. Judge says employment interference lawsuit against NAMB can proceed
  5. ‘Ministerial exception’ not a shield for wrongdoing, former Baptist leader says in lawsuit
  6. NAMB denies defaming former state convention exec
  7. Former state exec sues NAMB for libel, interference in business relationships
  8. State convention ‘saddened and disappointed’ by claims of former exec
  9. State Baptist exec blames firing on interference from SBC agency

Christian Examiner:

  1. New Stealth Controversy at SBC Replaces Conservative Resurgence Battle
  2. Southern Baptist State Leaders Accuse Mission Organization of Strong Arming
  3. Breaking NAMB’s Kevin Ezell Defends Confidential Cooperation Agreements
  4. NAMB Trustees End Investigation Involving Former State Convention Leader
  5. Former SBC State Leader Charges Mission Board with Cover-up of Wrongdoing

Baptist Press:

  1. Judge Dismisses Suit Against NAMB by Ex State Exec
  2. NAMB Responds to McRaney Lawsuit
  3. Former MD/DE Exec Sues NAMB Claims Libel

LA Baptist Message:

  1. Federal Judge Lets Lawsuit NAMB Proceed
  2. NAMB Tells Court McRaney Controversy Ecclesiastical
  3. Concerns Circulate NAMB’s Lawsuit Response Erodes Historic SBC Doctrine

Pulpit and Pen:

  1. Will McRaney is Suing NAMB and That’s Okay
  2. North American Mission Board Perjures Itself to Win in Court
  3. Former State Baptist Executive Claims NAMB President Kevin Ezell Verifiably Lied
  4. NAMB Runs Roughshod Over Baptists
  5. Judge lets Lawsuit Against SBC’s NAMB Continue  2018/01/23

SBC Voices:

  1. McRaney Lawsuit Against NAMB Dismissed
  2. About that Lawsuit Against NAMB

Reform NAMB Now:

  1. 44 Days & SBC Leaders are Still Leaving the Fate of the Cooperative Up to a Judge?
  2. Is NAMB Allowed to Interfere in State Conventions


  1. NAMB Tells Court McRaney Controversy is ‘Ecclesiastical’ Matter
  2. Lawsuit: Missions $$ Used to Muscle McRaney
  3. Will McRaney’s Attorney Strikes at the *Achille’s Hell* of the Southern Baptist Convention: The Autonomy of Local Churches and State Associations
  4. Judge Dismisses Suit Against NAMB by Ex-State Exec
  5. Former Mayland/Delaware Executive Sues NAMB, Claims Libel
  6. NAMB Responds to McRaney Lawsuit
  7. Former State Executive Sues NAMB; Agency Denies Interference


Legal Overview:

NAMB in Lawsuits:  NAMB filings against others