Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 2 – Baptisms (Full Version)

Separating Spin from Facts in the Reporting of SBC Baptism Results

At the 2016 SBC Annual Meeting, when Dr. Kevin Ezell presented a report from the North American Mission Board entitled It’s Working, he was referring to the implementation of NAMB’s new strategy over the past six years. However, his version of the storyline does not match the facts. Is It Working? The answer to this […]

Is the NEW NAMB Really Working? Introduction

Separating New NAMB Public Relations Spin from the Underlying Facts

At the 2016 SBC Annual Convention in St. Louis, President Kevin Ezell declared by word and video, “It Is Working”.  The “It” he was referencing the NEW NAMB directing of “increasing amount of its resources to church planting”.   But, is it really?  Is the post-Great Commission Resurgence NEW NAMB producing the results as advertised in […]

The Rest of the Story….

The Why's of Our Legal Complaint Against NAMB President Kevin Ezell

What do you do when the President of the North American Mission Board posts your picture at the Welcome Desk of their offices in Alpharetta?  Sandy and I have been faced not only with that dilemma, but countless others resulting from the behaviors of Dr. Kevin Ezell. Most regrettably, Dr. Ezell’s actions and the lack […]

National Missions Agency Leader Out of Bounds in Overreach and Threats

Personal Reflections: Will and Sandy Share Their Hearts and Overview

Difficult times are certain, some of own making and some at the hands of others.  In the midst of tough times, it is quite comforting to recognize that God is fully able to redeem our mistakes and those acts against us.  The Bible and personal experience for followers of Christ makes this abundantly clear.  Sandy […]

Accusations Against NAMB President Warrant an Investigation

Open Letter to NAMB Trustees June 2016

The matters before you are quite serious as you steward before God and Southern Baptists the high calling and resources of Southern Baptists, both human and financial. Involved are the laws of God, terms of Cooperative Agreements, and governmental laws. In lieu of judgment being rendered by secular courts, your duty before God, Southern Baptists, […]

Going Going Gone, Sold: Essential Elements of SBC Mission Efforts

Major Changes in latest NAMB/State Convention Cooperative Agreements Shift SBC "Ecology"

The terms contained in the new “Cooperative Agreements” and “Cooperative Budgets” are quietly altering the life of the SBC.  “Cooperative Agreements” establish the terms that dictate how NAMB and State Conventions relate as they work together to accomplish our mission.  State Budgets assign how money will flow from State Conventions to NAMB and other SBC […]


Hurts and Helps from the Perspective of a Wife, Mother and Ministry Partner

WOW! The last 10 months have been extremely trying for me and my family. There has been no outlet or opportunity for me to discuss what our separation from the MD/DE convention has relationally and emotionally cost us. So, I have done something I have never done before, and that is to video record a […]

Dr. Ezell’s Lies and False Statements

In Response to Denials

In response to written denials by Dr. Kevin Ezell through the NAMB Trustee Officers and NAMB attorneys, and to communicate the wide range of troubling matters more clearly in manageable parts, I will address the matter of lies and false statements by Dr. Ezell in this article. His actions demonstrate  failure to honor his word, […]

Troubling Times at NAMB under Dr. Ezell

The mission field complexities and challenges are increasing almost daily in North America. Southern Baptists have a strong historic past, but I am troubled about our current levels of effectiveness and the diminishing mission capacities of Southern Baptists going forward. We are all stakeholders and part owners of the SBC, which includes the North American […]