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The Why's of Our Legal Complaint Against NAMB President Kevin Ezell

What do you do when the President of the North American Mission Board posts your picture at the Welcome Desk of their offices in Alpharetta?  Sandy and I have been faced not only with that dilemma, but countless others resulting from the behaviors of Dr. Kevin Ezell.

Most regrettably, Dr. Ezell’s actions and the lack of NAMB Trustee responsiveness have placed Sandy and I in the difficult position of seeking Biblical restitution from the US court system. According to a NAMB employee, I was referred as a “gnat” in communication from someone in NAMB leadership.  However, under our court system, there should be equal protection even for those without power, prestige, the bully pulpit and a host of supporters protecting them.

Before Going Public

Prior to taking this public step along with communicating with you through video on the legal Complaint, we have had countless communications with leaders across the spectrum of Southern Baptist life and several wise pastors.  This includes SBC agency heads, several former SBC Presidents, NAMB Trustee officers and board members, the Executive Director and several members of the Executive Committee, several State Executive Directors and a host of other men and women who care deeply about the work of the SBC and NAMB.

Some have spoken words of sympathy and regret, and some seem to wish I would go away.  Sadly, none to date have moved the NAMB Trustees to properly exercise their oversight duties and responsibilities to all of Southern Baptists, me and to Dr. Ezell.  One Maryland pastor wrote, the NAMB Trustee claim of an investigation is a “charade.” These are serious claims against Dr. Ezell and should not be ignored or so easily dismissed.

Others Hurt 

By information shared with me, I am confident I am not the only one who has been on the receiving end of Dr. Ezell’s malice.  There could well be others who will now come forward to share their experience or contact me with their hurts.  The sin has been carried out in secret, but yet public and personal in its consequences.

Claims Against Dr. Ezell

Claims and supporting evidence in all matters has been available for over a year on my website for people to determine for themselves the validity of the claims.  In the absence of real NAMB Trustee oversight by their officers and members, it appears the court will be the trier of facts toward restitution.  However, should NAMB leadership desire to assume some responsibility and provide for Biblical restitution and restoration where possible, I and my attorneys would welcome reaching a settlement outside of the directives of the courts.

Hopes for the Future

By those close to us, we have been asked what we hope to result from exposing these matters to the light.  We desire what the Bible commands, repentance, reconciliation, restitution and restoration.  We would desire that Dr. Ezell and NAMB leadership make a public apology to the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.  Increased funding after my termination is simply unacceptable form of behavior among Christian partners.  The leadership there is not without fault in these matters, but Dr. Ezell drove the process by using $1 million dollars of SBC entrusted resources to initiate such fear and havoc on staff, churches and leaders of the BCMD.

We would love to see an acknowledgement of wrong and corrective actions moving forward by the Trustees of NAMB.  Several of which are our friends and wonderful servants of God.  The reality is this: if there is brokenness and repentance that is pleasing to Jesus, the next steps are easy to determine.  If there is not, leaders may seek to minimize the damages and once again ignore the facts and damage me.

What can you do?  Here are a few things…

  • Pray for all involved to do what is right before God. To do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before God.
  • Review my website to determine the facts for yourself. Read the Complaint filed and/or the attached vignettes on the history.  I also have a 25 minute video we shot months ago in which we cover the case in a different manner.
  • Contact me or others in SBC leadership with your concerns. This is your NAMB if you are a part of the SBC family.
  • Ask God to sustain me and our family, as we have been without regular employment and most important the outlets to use our 31 years of experience and express our calling during these struggles over the last 22 months.
  • If you would like to assist us in some way for personal needs or legal fees or just like to help us help strengthen pastors and churches, you can contact me or give directly from my website to our new ministry, The Church Strengthening Network on the top right side at

What matters most is not what we want to see, but what would please Jesus.  The truth, not cover up will set us free and help NAMB get back on course and in favor with God and man.

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