Dr. Ezell’s Lies and False Statements

In Response to Denials

In response to written denials by Dr. Kevin Ezell through the NAMB Trustee Officers and NAMB attorneys, and to communicate the wide range of troubling matters more clearly in manageable parts, I will address the matter of lies and false statements by Dr. Ezell in this article. His actions demonstrate  failure to honor his word, to make lying accusations against a State Exec. Director, and failure to keep basic biblical commands regarding the clearing up of relationships with people.

All lies are lies and Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44). God’s Word says a lying tongue and scheming or a heart that devises wicked plans (Prov 6:16-19) are among the seven sins He hates. In my limited exchanges with Dr. Ezell, the evidence clearly demonstrates he not only lied about his actions, lied with scheming to hurt me and my leadership, but also copied lies to my leaders with the intent to threaten and damage me and the MD/DE Convention. These appear to meet the legal criteria for LIBEL.

When one lies to protect themselves, it is wrong before God and man. However, when one lies to damage another person or sister organization to get what he wants, the sin is more grievous, actually intolerable. Former Congressman Daniel Moynihan is quoted as saying, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” These are facts regarding selected and known lies of Dr. Ezell’s AND they can withstand cross examination.

Select Lies

1.  Ezell lied regarding his efforts to meet with me prior to canceling the agreement with MD/DE on Dec. 2, 2014.  

  • “We have asked repeatedly to meet with you and your leadership and you have repeatedly refused.” He further wrote, “that’s all we have been asking for in the past few weeks and months.” (Ezell’s known lie)
  • I have 7 documented emails between Oct-Dec. 2014 where I requested to meet with Dr. Ezell. He knew and he lied anyway, not misspoke.  (page 2 Statements of Fact Summary)
  • This scheme shifted the blame from himself on refusing to follow Biblical teachings and minimal partnership expectations to blaming and damaging me with my leaders.  This ultimately helped get Dr. Ezell what he wanted after my termination but our GMB had voted against, which was into a newly designed NAMB agreement to own church planting at 100% and dropping other historic areas of funding.
  • This has been the goal and set the tactics for NAMB for several years.  It is complicated, but also very clear to me and others (some state execs) who dealt with these matters.   I was resisting their efforts to take over more control in MD/DE and protecting the rights of Baptist churches and leaders in MD/DE to self-govern and self-determine, both historic Baptist values.  So, I had to be neutralized with lies and threats or be removed.  Like in the death of Uriah, David was responsible from his position and power.  Dr. Ezell was and is responsible.

2.  Ezell wrote the following false statements and copied others without inquiry of or verification with me.

Godly leaders make inquiries first, not accusations. They also do not let the sun go down before addressing matters (Eph. 4:26).   They also clear up relations with people before trying to bring their offering to the Lord. (Mt. 5:23-24).  This was another scheme to blame me in order to justify doing what he wanted.

  • Nov. 20 Ezell email “you have not returned a phone call from Kevin Marsico.” Absolutely false, Marsicio never called my phone or left a message in my office to return his call.
  • Nov. 20 Ezell email “hiring your SDOE without any consultation (#2) (VP Jeff Christopherson)”. July 15, 2014 email by NAMB’s VP Christopherson with his approval and glowing remarks. MD/DE approved a month later on Aug. 19, 2014, and started Sept. 1, 2014. (see p. 5 Statements of Fact)

3.  On verified written false accusations against me and without a word to me in violation of the Agreement, Dr. Ezell provided 1 year notice of cancellation of the historic partnership with MD/DE Convention on Dec. 2, 2014.

  • Projected net annual loss for MD/DE Convention was between $1.0 and $1.2 million and 8 jointly funded missionary staff members.
  • Left in force, would have NAMB withdrawing all partnership financial support from the MD/DE Convention of churches, while the MD/DE would be continuing to send the 10 year annual average of $925K to NAMB CP. Money would continue to flow to NAMB, but NO money returning under Ezell’s decision and written cancellation. REMARKABLE!
  • Ezell’s cancellation letter was in direct violation of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (Sect. IV 3), as he did not have prior communication with me regarding the cancellation. Another disregarding of the agreement Dr. Ezell falsely wrote I had repeatedly violated.  To date he has not presented one claim that would withstand cross examination of the written records.

Network Leadership’s Response to Ezell’s False Claims in Cancellation

4.  Falsely wrote that I violated the procedure on hiring our SDOM and SDOE. This apparently was the repeated violation referenced in the cancellation.

According to testimony by Board GMB President Mark Dooley on Feb. 6, 2015 to the General Mission Board, NAMB was itself was in violation of the agreement in 6-7 noted ways. (see p. 5 Statements of Fact) and read NAMB Violations Coop Agreement

5.  Did not keep word or text messages regarding the people, the place or the agenda of the March 11, 2015 meeting held at the office of MD/DE Convention.

Read pages 6-7 in Detailed Version of Facts

6.  Ezell and NAMB did not keep the terms of the Cooperative Agreement, choosing to ignore the parts they wanted to ignore.

While not a statement lie, deceptively Dr. Ezell chose to work in the shadows with the MD/DE President instead of operating in the light, working inside the terms of the agreement and to work with me directly.


Dr. Ezell lied multiple times, wrote lies, and lied to get what he wanted regardless of the damages to individuals or to partnering SBC churches which make up the MD/DE State Convention. Dr. Ezell’s lies, along with his financial threats and working around me instead of with me, served as the basis which influenced my subsequent termination.

When a man crosses the line before God to intentionally lie and to do so to further his agenda or to hurt another person in direct disobedience to the Word and character of God, he has become vindictive and lost a healthy biblical fear of the Lord. This makes him a risk to others and the mission and unworthy of the trust of leadership. Truthfully, but most unfortunately, this is where Dr. Ezell has placed himself.

It is imperative for Dr. Ezell and our SBC family that these matters be dealt with by those to whom he reports, the NAMB trustees and the messengers of the SBC.