National Missions Agency Leader Out of Bounds in Overreach and Threats

Personal Reflections: Will and Sandy Share Their Hearts and Overview

Difficult times are certain, some of own making and some at the hands of others.  In the midst of tough times, it is quite comforting to recognize that God is fully able to redeem our mistakes and those acts against us.  The Bible and personal experience for followers of Christ makes this abundantly clear.  Sandy and I have clearly seen God’s presence  in the midst of our extended trial.

Our story involves such challenges created by the conduct of a powerful man who has gone unchecked and unexamined in his ways by those who have the responsibilities to exercise oversight.  When a national leader with the power, position and trust that would naturally accompany the position misuses his influence, collateral damage results.  Regrettably, our story involves the overreach, lies, false accusations, threats, and bribes of the executive leader of a national missions agency.

In the attached video, we share insights into our current journey.    We will let the video and the documents linked together on our website tell you something of our story and the story of a leader who took short-cuts and dishonored both God and his entrusted position to get what he wanted even if he had to damage others to get it.