Accusations Against NAMB President Warrant an Investigation

Open Letter to NAMB Trustees June 2016

The matters before you are quite serious as you steward before God and Southern Baptists the high calling and resources of Southern Baptists, both human and financial. Involved are the laws of God, terms of Cooperative Agreements, and governmental laws. In lieu of judgment being rendered by secular courts, your duty before God, Southern Baptists, me and my family, and also Dr. Ezell is to receive the accusations, examine evidence with cross examination, and then take appropriate actions. Your personal support of Dr. Ezell, me or even NAMB pales in value in light of the highest matter of pleasing God by doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly.

My February 2016 “Letter of Concern” to you, the NAMB Trustees was met with denial and dismissed in 20 hours by your officers. I also personally provided you with a response and evidence to the additional denials by NAMB’ attorney since I am not represented by legal counsel. Interlinked evidence was then made available to you online so that no one can claim they were not aware of the claims or the evidence. It is still readily organized and available.

Evidence and Damages Demand an Investigation

Based on unimpeachable facts, Dr. Ezell is past tense guilty of the accusations against him. He has damaged people with his actions. This is not a “he said, she said” matter. The documents are clear and could speak for themselves. The evidence including cross examination (Prov. 18:17) of an unbiased investigation will reveal the guilt of Dr. Ezell. There were no accusations against me from MD/DE. The limited accusations by Dr. Ezell against me related to hiring protocols were examined for over a month by the 3 elected officers of MD/DE and proven to be false and libelous in nature with subsequent damages.

Biblical Commands

With all due respect to you as trustees, God’s Word and the Biblical commands are clear and not optional: repentance, reconciliation, and then restoration and restitution for the damages caused by Dr. Ezell acting on behalf of NAMB. Not only has this been brought to your attention by me as one injured by Dr. Ezell’s actions, but many Southern Baptists are calling for a complete independent investigation. However, most importantly it is the only God-honoring path forward.

Duty Calls:  SBC Looks to NAMB Trustees

Some Southern Baptists have read the evidence, including a 20 year old NAMB summer missionary who after 30 minutes of reading, verbalized key factors, your response and signed the petition calling for an investigation. What is on trial is the trustworthiness of the NAMB Trustees to do your duty to God and Southern Baptists and to extend justice. They and I expect you to fulfill your oversight duties by investigating and acting on the accusations against the NAMB President and consequently our NAMB. Either your handling will enhance credibility, trust and goodwill, or these essentials will be undermined and damage our cooperative mission efforts.

Your attention to or ignoring of these matters is being judged by God and Southern Baptists will do so in time. No action, word or motive escape God’s view nor our accountability before Him. Blessings and discipline from God are both conditional. I will pray for your discernment and courage as well as the needed repentance and reconciliation.

Respectfully and Prayerfully,

Will McRaney, PhD


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