NAMB’s Ezell’s Narrative: True or False? Evidence Clear

Email to NAMB Trustees Nov 11, 2019

Mt. 11:15  “Whoever has ears, let them hear.”  (This is copy of email sent to NAMB Trustees) Last Thursday, you read with your own eyes that Ezell used the full force and power of NAMB to threaten a libel lawsuit against Joni Hannigan.  He used Mike Ebert to do his dirty work and make a cowardly […]

Reflection on Ruling, Its Impact and Future Direction

Resolved and Looking for Just Resolution

Short Summary Statement “While the judge did not rule on the merits of the case, we were stunned at the judge’s reversal of his previous rulings by dismissing the case on ecclesiastical grounds.  The new precedent should be sobering for all involved in voluntary partnerships with the SBC.  This ruling makes acceptable under ecclesiastical protections what […]

5 Current Impacts of GCR on SBC Network Partners

Churches, Associations and State Partners

The 2010 SBC Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) intentionally brought radical shifts in NAMB’s leadership, strategy, and priorities in funding and staff.  Are Southern Baptists better off and stronger, or worse off and weaker?  What are the measurable results and the impact on the self-regenerating missions funding and sending system?  What is happening at the local level in […]

Early Response to Judge’s Latest Ruling

Courts Nor God Finished Yet / NAMB Trustees & SBC EC Response TBD

TEAM MCRANEY will be filing an appeal in the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals, asking the court to overturn the latest ruling of the Federal District court, in which the judge seemed to overturn himself in his latest ruling on the “ecclesiastical” question. The SBC is not a denomination, but a voluntary fellowship at […]

NAMB Pres. Ezell Attacks Journalist/Sexual Abuse Victim

High Price for Telling Unwelcome Truths

SBC President J.D. Greear commented in response to the recent publication by the Houston Chronicle on sexual abuse in the SBC, “It’s time for pervasive change.  God demands it.  Survivors deserve it.  We must change how we prepare before abuse (prevention), respond during disclosure (full cooperation with legal authorities), and act after instances of abuse […]

Facing Down the 3 Faces of Kevin Ezell

Is the SBC Up to the Challenge?

David Platt gave us a glimpse into the Closed Door behaviors of some SBC leaders.  Who was he talking about?  He didn’t name names, but it is likely that NAMB President Kevin Ezell was one of the leaders he was referring to.  More on that later. 3 Persons: Public, Closed Door, Secret Pastor Clayton Cloer […]

Title Your Choice: State Conventions Suck, or 5 Heart Attacks, or Leading Above Reproach

Are you in a State Convention that Sucks? Does the NAMB Prez want Your State Exec to Have a Heart Attack? Living and Leading Above Reproach: Can We get there from Here? Integrity involves the consistency of one’s public, private, and secret life.  Living and leading above reproach is the biblical requirement of leadership.  The […]

The NAMB Diaries

Revelations into the Actions of NAMB Leadership

Diaries are started and kept for a variety of reasons…to record thoughts, feelings, highs and lows, new beginnings and important endings.  Diaries are a record of ones life in short form for personal reflection and future recollection. After completing a series of 8 articles on “Is the New NAMB Really Working?,” Sandy and I believe […]

Truth and Responses to Questions Re: Ezell/NAMB

Responses to False and Misleading Information

“One is either seeking the truth, or they are playing a role in the deception,” as wise person once shared with me.  I have experienced this over and over again as cover-up and denials began in Dr. Ezell, BCMD officers, NAMB leadership, and various forms of media.  It is also true that either the truth […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 7 Oversight & Accountability

Needed - A New Set of Lenses

No “ifs” “ands” or “buts” about it.  Off the record, national leaders verbally acknowledge it.  The SBC Trustee system is broken.  The Trustee men and women who are serving are not broken and are people of goodwill, but the systems and the climates that surround their work is broken. In the following article, I will […]