The NAMB Diaries

Revelations into the Actions of NAMB Leadership

Diaries are started and kept for a variety of reasons…to record thoughts, feelings, highs and lows, new beginnings and important endings.  Diaries are a record of ones life in short form for personal reflection and future recollection. After completing a series of 8 articles on “Is the New NAMB Really Working?,” Sandy and I believe […]

Truth and Responses to Questions Re: Ezell/NAMB

Responses to False and Misleading Information

“One is either seeking the truth, or they are playing a role in the deception,” as wise person once shared with me.  I have experienced this over and over again as cover-up and denials began in Dr. Ezell, BCMD officers, NAMB leadership, and various forms of media.  It is also true that either the truth […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? – Summary

The Evidence is Before You...

At the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Kevin Ezell, the President of the North American Mission Board spoke to SBC Messengers.  He asked the question:  “Is the New NAMB Working?  Dr. Ezell answered the question with anecdotes, stories about good things happening in the lives of individuals and families who were connecting with […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 7 Oversight & Accountability

Needed - A New Set of Lenses

No “ifs” “ands” or “buts” about it.  Off the record, national leaders verbally acknowledge it.  The SBC Trustee system is broken.  The Trustee men and women who are serving are not broken and are people of goodwill, but the systems and the climates that surround their work is broken. In the following article, I will […]

Is the New NAMB Working? Part 6 Character

Separating Spin from Facts

A sacred trust exists between the President of NAMB and Southern Baptists. One man is entrusted with enormous power, prestige, and resources to shape individual lives and direct the mission of the SBC in North America. Southern Baptists sacrificially invest themselves and their resources, for the sake of an eternal purpose, to the tune of […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 5 Financial Stewardship

Separating Spin from Facts

Southern Baptists invest and entrust $375 million annually to national and international causes through the Cooperative Program and directly through our two primary mission offerings, Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong.  Since, NAMB leaders alone steward over $400 million in assets and a $120 million annual budget, the office of the President of NAMB carries enormous […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 4 Partnership

Separating Spin from Facts

For decades, the Southern Baptist ecosystem of missions support has been the envy of other networks and denominations. However, it is in danger of crumbling down like the walls of Jericho. Sounds rumbling from the earth indicate this crumbling has already begun. Our NAMB President has damaged three essential ingredients of strong and lasting partnership […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 3: Church Planting (Abridged Version)

Separating Spin from Facts

When it comes to Southern Baptist church planting, strategic matters cannot be addressed in soundbites or 140-character Tweets. One must first gain a wider and deeper understanding of the issues. I began my exploration in a PhD seminar on the History of SBC Evangelism in 1989 at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I had the privilege of […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 3: Church Planting

Separating Spin from Facts - FULL VERSION OF ARTICLE

Some things cannot be addressed in a soundbite or 140 character Twitter post.  The matters facing Southern Baptists churches and the increasing challenges we face demand a more thorough analysis as we evaluate our current course as Southern Baptists.  One must understand wider and more deeply before seeking to evaluate or adjust strategy for an […]

Is the New NAMB Really Working? Part 2 – Baptisms (Abridged Version)

Separating Spin from Facts in the Reporting of SBC Baptism Results

At the 2016 SBC Annual Meeting, when Dr. Kevin Ezell presented a report from the North American Mission Board entitled It’s Working, he was referring to the implementation of NAMB’s new strategy over the past six years. However, his version of the storyline does not match the facts.  Is It Working? The answer to this […]