NAMB’s Ezell’s Narrative: True or False? Evidence Clear

Email to NAMB Trustees Nov 11, 2019

Mt. 11:15  “Whoever has ears, let them hear.”  (This is copy of email sent to NAMB Trustees)

Last Thursday, you read with your own eyes that Ezell used the full force and power of NAMB to threaten a libel lawsuit against Joni Hannigan.  He used Mike Ebert to do his dirty work and make a cowardly threat and false accusation to keep the truth hidden.  You still owe Joni an apology and more.

Today, I reconstruct what started the problem, deconstruct the false narrative he wove for you and introduce you to undeniable facts.

Ezell Narrative… We had a great relationship with the BCMD under David Lee (remember the NAMB Trustee meeting in Las Vegas where Dr. Lee was his “special guest”? Intentional or Coincidental?…).  We expected and tried to have the same positive relationship under Will McRaney, but in spite of our best efforts, Will was hard to work with (remember what Ezell called Stone Mtn. Assn. AMS Larry Cheek said about Bobby Gilstrap – virtually the same words).  Ezell had NAMB PR staff release to the SBC through BP in May 2016, McRaney “caused the BCMD to violate the terms of the Strategic Partnership Agreement and otherwise hindered and interfered with BCMD’s performance of its obligations.”  Furthermore, Ezell alleged through BP that the BCMD “became a dysfunctional and difficult ministry partner” during my tenure.  BUT, is narrative true or one made up by Ezell to deceive you and cover his real intentions?

Opening Questions:

  1. Is Ezell’s narrative accurate and did he tell you the real truth about his actions or did he scheme to fool you?
  2. If Ezell misled you from the very beginning, can you trust him to tell you the truth about other claims against him?

Relevant Facts:
The original REAL problem between NAMB and the BCMD under my leadership was the Ezell was allowing a NAMB employee, Send Baltimore Coordinator Ron Larson, to travel throughout Maryland and Delaware to raise money for church plants in Baltimore through “A Dollar a Day Program” in DIRECT violation of the SBC Business and Financial Plan Section VI “Fund Raising Activities”.  (see email as PROOF & link to Business and Financial Plan)   I arrived in Sept. 2013, Ron Aug. 2013 – Ron’s raising money through early part of 2014 was concerning to BCMD pastors who brought their concerns to me, which I took to Christopherson and Ezell.

Among other evidence, NAMB’s own emails by then VP Christopherson prove I did not violate the existing SPA between the BCMD and NAMB.  NAMB had the small state conventions under a different SPA that NAMB wrote to give NAMB more controls in the hiring process and Davis and Christopher said they provided a new procedure to me, which they both know they did not and cannot prove otherwise.  Regardless, I did not violate the SPA.  (see emails from Christopherson and other info, BCMD attorney Jeff Agnor, signed statement by 4 BCMD officers)

In fact, Ezell and NAMB staff routinely violated and ignored the terms of the SPA with the BCMD, at their sole discretion.  This was shared in a BCMD General Mission Board meeting by BCMD President Dooley.

Closing Questions:

  1. Is the reason Ezell has refused to meet with me on the record with you (Mt. 18:15-20, Prov. 18:17) be that the real provable facts that would expose Ezell as a repeated deceiver to you and related to me?
  2. Why before God and me as a fellow servant of Christ, have you not demanded Ezell give an account of his accusations and actions and his threats against a female journalist and a host of other known action?  (James 4:17Jeremiah 48:10)
  3. In light of these facts and new information to you, what are you going to do now?

You see, the narrative you were told was false from the word “go”.  Additionally, you must know by now that the insurance company’s attorneys have misled two federal courts and violated the SBC Constitution in their efforts to keep the insurance company from having to pay out on the NAMB policy.  What are you going to do about Ezell’s actions and do to bring a just resolution?

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