Did NAMB & BCMD leaders intentionally mislead a Federal judge?

Video: https://vimeo.com/306940043

Select Topics:

  • Why the conversation matters
  • 3 Paths Forward
    • NAMB Trustees engage at new levels, discover what is necessary and act to resolve
    • Leave it to the courts to judge the NAMB President and the organization.
      • Deposition
      • Interrogatory Questions
      • Affirmations of Fact
      • Public trial with cross examination 
    • Leave it to the public to decide after they pour through evidence in print and video. 
  • How we got here – background to case 
  • SBC Distinctives – cooperation, not hierarchy; voluntary not required 
  • Troubling Motions
    • Dismiss Claims 1 & 2 in my legal case related to NAMB and the NAMB President’s interference into my working relationships and contract with BCMD.  
    • Put a “Stay” (pause) on Discovery related to BCMD
  • 2 Boxes of information
    • What I know in this box
    • What others know that I don’t know in the other box
  • Troubling Affidavits
    • Motivation for Affidavit
    • 2 Key Foundation Questions regarding NAMB CFO Carlos Ferrer and BCMD CFO Tom Stolle
      • Do these men understand what is takes to be a legally recognized Supporting Organization
      • Do these men know about the financial matters of the SBC, NAMB and the BCMD, particularly with the exchange of resources in partnership?
      • If so – they fully knew what they were providing to the judge and that it was not the “Whole Truth” regarding these matters. 
      • If so – for whatever the reason, were providing information that could well mislead the US Federal Judge by their sworn signatures
  • Possible paths forward for Ferrer and Stolle 
    • Talk privately and honestly with their Trustees (NAMB and BCMD)
    • Submit updated affidavits with the court
  • Overall Path – Still 3 paths, with the best being the NAMB Trustees to discover and act
    • Remove all clauses from people to non-disparage and non-disclose
    • Open up a line for people to share
    • Secure outside investigator if necessary 

NAMB CFO Carlos Ferrer Deceives Federal Judge with Misleading Information

  • Ferrer claims NAMB gave BCMD $5.2 million over 6 years for ministry and operations.  BUT, NAMB did not give the BCMD any money for BCMD ministries or operations, but contributed their ratio percentage on JOINTLY funded projects and personnel.  
  • Ferrer claims in sworn affidavit $5.2 million from NAMB to BCMD, but did not tell the judge the BCMD contributed $7.2 million to NAMB during the same period, and voluntarily gave $18.8 million overall to SBC entities.  
  • See the year by year figures & totals for 2013-2018 

Resources from the Court: (more court documents will be loaded in the future)