Update on Ezell’s Divorce Notice – Sends an Extra $175,000 to 1 Planter, Commits $0 to 25 State Conventions

Letter to NAMB Trustees Made Public

Below is the letter I sent to NAMB Trustees on Thursday, August 14, 2020.  Will the SBC’s most dangerous decision by Ezell be met with SILENCE from the NAMB Trustees, or will they act?  If they don’t act, will the SBC Executive Committee or the State Convention Execs?

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UPDATE on “Divorce Notice” while expecting “Alimony” 
Are you clear that in the latest recent (Un) Cooperative Agreement by Ezell there is…

  • NO FUNDING with historic Non-South State Convention partners who have sent the SBC $46 million (2017-2018) annually for decades,
    • WHILE, NAMB VP Dhati Lewis cut John Onwuchwkwa’s church an SBC mission gift cashier’s check (see below) for $175,000 from HIS BLUEPRINT CHURCH… that is before John O. told the world he was kissing the SBC goodbye. — How much SBC money went to James MacDonald and Harvest?
    • How much more SBC mission money does Dhati have in his church’s accounts?  Is being VP of NAMB a part-time job?
  • NO use of even the word “evangelism” in the (un) or (non) Cooperative Agreement.  Is NAMB an evangelism and mission board or not?  But, Ezell demands those states report to him the AAEO giving of each church in their state convention and Ezell wants them to be financially accountable, but he does not have to be?

Did Ezell really write some of you NAMB Trustees in the last few days to warn you of a coming communication from some State Executive Directors?  Does he not want everything in the light.  Of course he does not.  Does he want you informed or him to answer questions under biblical cross examination?  Of course he does not.  However, has he repeatedly deceived you and the entire SBC?  OF COURSE HE HAS.  It is apparent that there is a question on who is working for who and who is accountable to who.

A recently retired pastor, who I don’t know personally, reached out to me on Monday with his concerns about you as NAMB Trustees and his personal experience with Ezell.  He stated what others like him have shared with me over the last five years.

  • “My encounter with Kevin at a NAMB conference for pastors/wives a while back was just a bit of disgust at his Mr. Cool Hand Luke approach to everything, and some borderline off color humor in mixed group that seemed way inappropriate.  I want you to know we are praying for you.”
  • I sense the trustees of NAMB have been played and lack a courageous truth-teller to step up.”
  • “I sense he’s a trustee riding the ‘go along’ train.” referring to a former NAMB Trustee chairman he knows personally
  • “____ and I have been transfixed and burned by the plight you and Sandy have endured.”

I could list some 50 specific reasons to remove Ezell from leadership. Utter failure in character, failed partnership, failed strategy, failure to follow SBC governing rules, failure to follow NAMB policies/rules, failed stewardship and use of trust are just the topics for the actual real people and mission he has damaged.  YET, not a sign of public courage from you, nor a legitimate public call and effort to discover truth, even after Ferrer and attorneys representing you lied to the courts (which may make NAMB liable for legal fees and penalties instead of the insurance company).   Maybe Ferrer should be a witness to you before he becomes a witness in the courts.

Be sober-minded, it is on you.  Don’t expect SBC leaders such as Floyd, Hunt or Greear, to come to help you do your fiduciary job for the SBC.  They and countless others have been compromised by Ezell’s 10 years of gifts and favors with SBC mission dollars and they helped choose the dismantling and failed strategy for these last 10 years.  But when NAMB implodes and is exposed, it will be on your watch.

God help you operate and lead in the light, DEMAND truth and then deal with it justly before God and man.  If not, sworn public testimony by Ezell, current and former NAMB employees and Trustees may bring unwanted public accountability and justice.  You can choose another path of resolution with me.