Truth and Responses to Questions Re: Ezell/NAMB

Responses to False and Misleading Information

“One is either seeking the truth, or they are playing a role in the deception,” as wise person once shared with me.  I have experienced this over and over again as cover-up and denials began in Dr. Ezell, BCMD officers, NAMB leadership, and various forms of media.  It is also true that either the truth brings freedom and pleases Jesus, or our denomination, our leaders and our mission efforts need to be protected from truth because our God is too small.

On this post or my website I will seek to identify and correct false and misleading information coming out of NAMB headquarters led by President Kevin Ezell or in various media sources or from BCMD officers. I will also provide clarifications and respond to questions that are being posed to me personally or in the public dialogue about these matters.  As I am able, I will provide original source documents, but many of these are already posted on my website.  I certainly would not want to make claims I cannot support with evidence, which is what a court will use in deciding the case.  More importantly, every word spoken or written will be called into account by Jesus Himself.

In my case, my two primary defenses are the truth and the protection of the Holy Spirit of God.  Dr. Ezell has a bully pulpit, many big public stages, an entire Trustee Board, others to assist him (a large PR, field and support staff), a $120 million annual budget, about $250 million in unrestricted reserves, people he has favored with SBC resources and the silence of people who are financially or relationally dependent upon NAMB and feel threatened should they speak.  Unlike me, he has Southern Baptists paying his salary and the legal expenses in defense of his indefensible actions.  Baptist Press has servants who are caught in a difficult spot between being an entity funded by and reporting to the Executive Director and Executive Committee on behalf of Southern Baptists and actually investigating and reporting the truth even when the news is negative.

I believe this step is necessary to combat past and recent public communication of false and misleading information by NAMB spokesmen, Dr. Ezell, NAMB attorneys and others in Baptist Press and other sources.

If there was no guilt, there would not be cover-up.  In fact, there would be a SHOUTING  for an investigation by NAMB Trustees, BUT there is not.  NAMB Trustee’s misleading claims in June 2016 of a “thorough examination and review” without ever talking with me, others who can support my claims, or requiring a biblical cross-examination of Dr. Ezell is quite telling.

The choices seem to include (1) NAMB Trustees will do their elected duty to administer justice or (2) allow the US court system to administer justice in public view.  Contrary to publish misleading statements, I and my attorney have been and are ready to enter into biblical restitution settlement conversations for the actions of Dr. Ezell and the neglect of the NAMB Trustees in oversight.

We serve a mighty and just God!  Truth will help the SBC.  In fact, it, along with repentance, are the only acceptable paths forward for NAMB leaders and our SBC appointed NAMB Trustees.

Military warrior and expert John Boyd said, at some point in every man’s life he will face the decision to “do something” OR “be somebody” (in NAMB/SBC).  Now is the time of truth and justice.  Now is the time for SBC leaders to do something without regard for themselves.

Fact Corrections & Evidence

2 NAMB Emails Prove Ezell’s Lie and False Accusation

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