The NAMB Diaries

Revelations into the Actions of NAMB Leadership

Diaries are started and kept for a variety of reasons…to record thoughts, feelings, highs and lows, new beginnings and important endings.  Diaries are a record of ones life in short form for personal reflection and future recollection.

After completing a series of 8 articles on “Is the New NAMB Really Working?,” Sandy and I believe that it would be helpful to provide Southern Baptists access to informative firsthand encounter video recordings regarding our SBC national missions board.  The series of articles dealt primarily with an examination of the serious questions to determine if the New NAMB strategy and tactics under the current direction and leadership were producing the results NAMB claims.

The NAMB Diaries with the links below will provide the listener insights not typically published or made available to Southern Baptists who own and fund NAMB.  These diaries, like most personal diaries, will include a variety of facts and emotions, some positive, many troubling.  While personal and firsthand, be assured that others across the country have stories with these common characteristics.  How do I know that?  Because they are calling and writing me….

The NAMB Diaries Video Entries:

Page 1: Introduction and Dissecting of Ezell Lie #1

Page 2: Dissecting of Ezell Lie#2

Page 3: Dissecting Ezell’s Damaging Lie #3

Page 4: Who do Trustees Represent? Were They Deceived?

Page 5 The NAMB Diaries: Protecting NAMB by Understanding What is Happening

Page 6: NAMB: Sunshine or Secret

Page 7: NAMB Cooperation or Command and Control

Going, Going Gone: Sold Essential Elements of the SBC

Page 8: An Autopsy of $1 Million NAMB/Ezell Threat and Payoff

Page 9: FALLOUT in MD/DE: Post Ezell/NAMB Interference

Page 10: $7.7 million Facts, Fictions, and Whys of Legal Complaint

Page 11: Money, Money, Money