Open Letter to Our Family and Friends


On behalf of our family, Sandy and I want to express our deep appreciation for our family and friends, both long-term and newer. Some of you are completely unaware of our current situation and others have some pieces of what is going on with our lives and ministry. Up until now we had to be selective in our conversations about the matters, but now have the capacity to share more freely with you.

What happened

  • Sandy and I moved back into our home in Orlando in August 2015. It was a natural place to come for a multitude of family, ministry and personal reasons after our sudden departure from responsibilities as the Executive Director of the MD/DE Baptist Convention (Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network).
  • We want to assure you know that our trust in the Lord, our marriage and our family life have remained as solid as ever. These along with support from family and some friends have helped to sustain us through these difficult months.
  • Sandy wants to say to you, “Something terrible has happened to us, but not unknown to God. This has been the most difficult situation we have experienced as a family, including Will’s near death car accident and subsequent family challenges. This did not catch God by surprise.   HE is still on His throne. HE is directing our lives, and our faith is strong in the midst of our current challenges.” However, the betrayals and wrongs against us hurt deeply, but our God has been very present and faithful to minister to us. God has also used several people to encourage us along this recent phase of our journey.
  • We, like most all the staff and Baptist pastors in MD/DE, were completely shocked at the swift, secretive, and successful effort to remove me from leadership under threats and attacks against the MD/DE Convention. We were watching God do some amazing things in and through us, our staff, and the churches of the region. We were having a blast working hard, visiting pastors and church across the region and using our gifts to encourage and equip church leaders and their spouses. As you can imagine, Sandy was quite a hit and was really having an impact through her ministry to the staff, the wives of ministers, and in decorating or hosting various groups in our building and out in the field. You can read about some of the highlights of our ministry in Maryland/Delaware through this link.  Network Accomplishments in 21 Months
  • Unfortunately, in the last days we experienced some of the failings of human nature from others and significant spiritual warfare that revealed itself through Christian leaders and Baptist workings.
  • Any summary words would not adequately describe what happened. However, let me communicate that I was caught in a mixture of organizational maneuverings at both the state and the national levels in Baptist life. Satan was able to use fear, lies, selfish ambition, bitter envy and the desire for power and position to hinder the advance of God’s Kingdom and the ministry of the MD/DE Baptist Convention. These resulted in some men who know God behaving in some ungodly ways. Sandy and I share with you the background behind our sudden departure because of our relationship with you and so that you can pray for us as the Lord directs.


  • We are experiencing the truths of the Bible in new and real ways in the midst of the significant betrayal of trust, damage from people operating out of the flesh, and the shock of these actions as we were forced from the assignment in Maryland that God had entrusted to us. However, we are still on assignment from God, it is just one that we did not expect, but one that God also uniquely and specifically entrusted to us.
  • While I am in more conversations with guys across the country who have the background to understand what happened, Sandy has many fewer people that she can talk with about these matters, so this is particularly tough on her to bear. Our children are growing through these trials. It is hard for them to see Sandy and I go through these emotional, relational, and financial challenges at the hands of men called to preach or work beside me that we called friends, but they are working through it.
  • We have drawn strength from Scriptures, from each other, and from trusted friends. When the enemy attacks our minds or emotions, we lift up the banner of praise in keeping with the command of Scripture. Isaiah 59:19


  • Sandy and I don’t particularly like our current state or assignment or understand all the reasons why, BUT, we trust God to use this for His glory. He is working His purposes, even when we cannot see them. At this point our God-given assignment, that is being completed with the writing of these accounts, is to bring these matters into the light, both in the Network and across the Southern Baptist Convention family of churches. We do this as an act of obedience to what we clearly understand to be God’s directive to us and in keeping with His Word.
  • We are currently seeking the Lord as to how He would have us continue His call on our lives. We are steadfast in our commitment to serve Him, His church and His children. We are still “all in” with helping Kingdom people advance His Kingdom.


  • We are ready to stay here in central FL and we are ready to move should God so move us. We have a storage unit that is housing all our apartment furniture from Maryland until God reveals what is next for us.  Will is getting back to assisting churches and their leaders with his Ministry Enhancement Group (MEG), and is working on two book proposals.
  • We continue to walk hand in hand through this phase mostly with thanksgiving and seeking joy in the Lord, in the midst of the uncertainties, questions, and deep hurts.
  • We covet your encouragement and your words of intersession to our Father on our behalf as He leads.

With Love and Affections,
Will and Sandy

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