Possible Questions and Concerns

Naturally and rightly so, there will be questions and opinions about claims, my methods or motives, and about how this might impact the SBC and NAMB. Below are some of the questions different parts of our SBC family may be asking and my brief response.

For those with concerns about the accuracy of some claims, I encourage you toward:

  • Statements of Fact:  Detailed Version
    McRaney response to the unexamined denial of the NAMB trustee officers which claimed McRaney’s accusations were factually inaccurate and misleading – 12 page version detailing Lies, False Statements, Threats, Partnership Threats, and NAMB Violations  of Strategic Partnership Agreement
  • Statements of Fact:  Summary Version
    McRaney response to the unexamined denial of the NAMB trustee officers which claimed McRaney’s accusations were factually inaccurate and misleading – topic summaries in 5 pages outlining Lies, False Statements, Threats, Partnership Threats, and NAMB Violations  of Strategic Partnership Agreement
  • McRaney’s Letter of Concern re: Ezell NAMB
    McRaney 5 page “Letter of Concern” sent to NAMB trustees, various SBC leaders, all State Exec. Directors, and selected others impacted by Dr. Ezell’s actions against McRaney and the MD/DE Convention
  • NAMB Trustee Response to McRaney Letter Concerns
    NAMB Trustee officers response to McRaney’s Letter of Concern 20 hrs. after McRaney electronically sent his Letter of Concern.
  • Ezell NAMB Letter Canceling Agreement
    Dec. 2, 2015 Letter from Dr. Ezell and VP Jeff Christopherson giving notice of cancellation of the historic partnership agreement with the MD/DE Convention
  • Network Response Cancel Coop Agreement
    McRaney and 3 MD/DE officers letter of response to Dr. Ezell’s and Jeff Christopherson’s letter of cancellation of the partnership agreement with MD/DE Convention
  • Supporting Documents
    Links to all the related documents organized by category and alphabetically, including a category related to evidence of claims.
  • SBC Today News Posts by MD/DE Pastors Steve Wolverton and Clint Scott

For those who wonder whether there was something in my life or leadership that warranted termination, I encourage you toward:

For those who wonder about how these matters against MD/DE Convention and me unfolded over time with NAMB, I encourage you toward:

  • NAMB vs. Network Timeline Factors 3D
    •  3 versions chronicling the actions of Dr. Ezell/NAMB in relating to the MD/DE Convention
    •  Stages of Pressure by NAMB – 2 page with phase descriptions
    •  Narrative Sequential Summary of Events – 1.5 page description
    •  Detailed and Dated Version NAMB Actions Toward MD/DE Convention – 7 pages of dealing with NAMB’s actions with MD/DE
  • SBC Today News Posts by MD/DE Pastors Steve Wolverton and Clint Scott

For those who wonder about my purposes, I encourage you to consider…

  • I believe the Lord has asked to me testify and reveal the various wrongful actions of Dr. Ezell against me, the MD/DE Baptist Convention and the larger SBC Family and its mission. For me, it is a matter of obedience as I have sought the Lord and counsel from wise leaders across the SBC.
    • Every SBC leader in a position of trust with financial and human resources and spiritual matters has to be accountable for his actions. Southern Baptists as the owners of the SBC and its agencies need to have access to the related facts in order to make some judgments and discern how best to address the matters. Southern Baptists cannot decide until they have the opportunity to become aware.
  • Reveal how Dr. Ezell’s behaviors interfered with my leadership as the Exec. Director of a sister agency, significantly damaged my reputation, contributed to my termination and consequently impacted my ability to provide for my family both now in the future.
  • Defend my integrity against Ezell’s false claims and actions. Dr. Ezell through the NAMB officers and subsequently the NAMB attorneys has claimed my Letter of Concern was false and misleading. This venue allows me to present evidences for the owners of the SBC to consider.
  • I would desire to see public repentance, reconciliation, and restitution and restoration in keeping with Biblical commands.   The Holiness of God and the cause of Christ would demand these. Southern Baptists desire to experience the blessings of God on our collective and cooperative mission efforts.

For those who question whether the MD/DE and my situation is isolated or whether this is just a personality conflict, I encourage you to consider…

  • Most all leaders of various parts of the SBC ecosystem want nothing but the best for all the other leaders and parts of the SBC. As such, they are very hesitant to raise concerns. However, similar strong-arming tactics are being experienced by various state conventions. You can contact your State Executive Director and your current or former Director of Missions to inquire as to their perspectives and experiences.
  • Read the 2012 Document where the California Baptist Convention is communicating their concerns about their relationship with NAMB.
  • Multiple state convention execs signed new agreements this fall with NAMB after my termination as they felt financial pressures from NAMB regarding the terms of continuing their 2012 agreements.
    • Several have indicated they were forced through changes NAMB was making to the previous agreement.  This required or forced them into making a decision they did not want to make nor thought was best for their state convention or the future of the SBC cooperative mission efforts.
    • Several state execs have acknowledged in writing and in groups and personal meetings that they are under “GAG” orders with possible financial consequences to not speak negatively of NAMB or Dr. Ezell, nor are they to reveal the terms of their agreements with NAMB. This means some state execs are reporting that Dr. Ezell has GAG orders on money given and entrusted by Southern Baptists to NAMB.

For those who question the choice of this medium to communicate concerns, I encourage you to consider…

  • I sought to follow the principles of Mt. 5, Mt. 18, Eph. 5 and sought counsel and accountability along through the last nine months. I sought less expansive methods. However, my claims were not thoroughly investigated, but denied and stated to be false. Additionally, the damages are widespread in their impact across the SBC.
  • If you are a Southern Baptist, you are a part owner of the SBC, as we do not have a hierarchy. The denomination employees work for Southern Baptist members and everyone is better served in the light. Someone would have to go to my website to review the materials. I did not take them before a secular court for a hearing, but there are legal considerations around libel and tortious interference with the false claims and financial threats of Dr. Ezell against me that resulted in damages to me.
  • The options are limited as I was removed from the position to which God had called me. Dr. Ezell made false and threatening statements to me, the leadership and the entire MD/DE Convention. At some point, the people who own the SBC have a right to know about how their resources are being used and about the actions of the man who has been entrusted to lead our national mission agency. Dr. Ezell by virtue of his position, has a national platform, PR personnel, field staff, budgets and a salary, while I have none of those at my disposal.

For those who share concerns about the possible impact of revealing Dr. Ezell’s actions against me and the MD/DE Convention, I encourage you to consider…

  • We serve a big God who commands us to walk in the light and expose all forms of evil and leave the results to Him as we act in obedience.
  • God is not mocked, He takes these matters seriously. If we walk in the light and righteously, God can take care of the SBC. If we don’t, God is not honored. Since he takes sin seriously, we should as well.
  • God desires repentance, reconciliation, restoration and restitution when we sin, not for us to ignore or coverup, as that is a tool of our real enemy, Satan. This does bring spiritual freedom for the individuals and for the organization.

For those who wonder about the possible motivations for these actions of Dr. Ezell, I encourage you toward: