Hurts and Helps from the Perspective of a Wife, Mother and Ministry Partner

WOW! The last 10 months have been extremely trying for me and my family. There has been no outlet or opportunity for me to discuss what our separation from the MD/DE convention has relationally and emotionally cost us. So, I have done something I have never done before, and that is to video record a […]

Evangelism is a Loving Act

Dispelling Growing Cultural Challenges to Evangelism

Contrary to popular American culture, to have beliefs and deep convictions about God is not weird, but actually wise. And if you share those beliefs with others, it is not an act of (1) arrogance, (2) aggression, or (3) ignorance. Holding a Biblical view of God and life is wise, and to share that with […]

Dr. Ezell’s Lies and False Statements

In Response to Denials

In response to written denials by Dr. Kevin Ezell through the NAMB Trustee Officers and NAMB attorneys, and to communicate the wide range of troubling matters more clearly in manageable parts, I will address the matter of lies and false statements by Dr. Ezell in this article. His actions demonstrate  failure to honor his word, […]

Troubling Times at NAMB under Dr. Ezell

The mission field complexities and challenges are increasing almost daily in North America. Southern Baptists have a strong historic past, but I am troubled about our current levels of effectiveness and the diminishing mission capacities of Southern Baptists going forward. We are all stakeholders and part owners of the SBC, which includes the North American […]

Great Commandment or Great Commission?

Boundary and Priority

Confused, people all across America are spiritually confused. But, this is not just true outside the church. Actually, many inside the church are also confused, especially in determining what it means to follow Christ. We are asking all sorts of related questions, such as: Is the church there primarily to serve me, or I am […]

Big Red, His Rider Macy and Lessons on Stewardship

Stewarding Families, Churches and Denominational Life

  My family does not camp, but 4,000 miles in a car with a 6, 9, 12 year old daughters has to be similar to camping. The summer of 2001 included our family’s all-time favorite 16 day summer vacation to Tucson and work trip to Glorieta, NM. Beautiful scenery, Tombstone, the desert golf courses, a […]

Dealing with Decline: The Future of Southern Baptist Cooperation

Is the SBC in Danger of Unraveling at the Seams?

We have got such a great past, BUT are we going to have a future? The Southern Baptist Convention has a strong historic foundation, but is currently declining in worship and small group attendance, baptisms, church plants, and cooperative mission dollars invested. QUESTION: With less resources and declines in most measurable indicators, what are Southern […]

Life and Ministry in a Cultural Tsunami

Rethinking Ministry through the Life of my 96 Year Old Grandmother

Grandmother’s World from her 4’4” entrepreneurial view… In the small community of Lone Star in Southwest Mississippi, my grandmother Grace McRaney, “Mammy” as I called her, shared her living space with her business that she and my grandfather purchased together as a startup in 1930. For 74 years, the last 52 years by herself, all […]

Approaches to the Great Commission

How are churches to carry out the Great Commission? The complexities of navigating Kingdom living in the current American landscape are many for individuals and churches.  Among other items, you will discover the Great Commission’s connection to the Great Commandment, importance of resetting church values, and various approaches to advancing the Great Commission. Continue reading […]